1992 10 23 03:27 [I'm not thrilled with the prose but I left it as it was - ed July 2004]

archive of WFMU
retrieval by telephone

digital audio workstation

digital DJ workstation

digital entertainment workstation

What I am doing. (tech-wise)
archiving tv soundbytes.
archiving a weekly 3-hour radio program
archiving mets baseball radio programs
producing live remote radio broadcasts
producing live concert recordings.
Recording, editing, duplication, etc. mostly for radio.

We cannot underestimate the value of television. There are few of us who have not been programmed by TV. Bytes, speeches, music and commercials are veritable warehouses of societal values and attitudes. They are effective aural communicators.

The Hound is a radio personality. He's in his seventh year of broadcasting on WFMU from Upsala College. The show is a highly successful fundraiser. This show is well suited to my purposes. 1) The Hound airs almost exclusively from his record library which is probably one of the finest in jazz and r&b. I am basically taping this collection. 2) The textual content of the program is provoking and entertaining. 3) The program format is well defined. This facilitates automated cataloging and searching.

The New York Mets are somewhat more well known than The Hound. Nonetheless some personalities associated with the Mets and their radio announcers are compelling communicators. Keying on a few of them I hope to tell a story of love and heroism.

Live remotes are challenging, exciting and entertaining. Whether broadcasting the Hound from a crowded noisy bar, live music from virtually any venue or a talk show from cafe reggio, live radio transmits a captivating energy. My contribution to WFMU programming is greatest in this area.

Live concert recording is another exciting proposition. It's a stimulating challenge to capture spontaneous and irreproducible events resulting in valued recordings.

However most of my efforts are not in the limelight. All of these activities require organization. Recordings must be be edited and archives cataloged. Raw material must be parsed, processed and produced. There are final results such as consumable recordings or airable spots or programs and there are intermediate results such as libraries and catalogs which will be used again and again.

All in all I enjoy working in the aural medium. It's more practical than video technically and financially and it's more well advanced. I enjoy working alone or in a crowd of thousands. I enjoy problem solving and providing new and practical uses for coming technology.


What I can do?
ubiquitous interface
voice telephone

voice telephone


computer/audio interface
phone/computer/audio to leave messages on answering machines
answering machine is phone is fax is computer
an answering machine is computer record/playback
a fax machine is computer printer
a phone push buttons and a handset
pick up phone and be able to have computer spit out stuff easily


when editing i xerox - select - look - snarf - close - paste
this is to add buttons in X windows. Can it be assisted?